Roofing Home Insurance: Does It Cover Roof Replacement Projects?

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Roof replacement tops the list of the most expensive projects homeowners face. We might not think much about what our roofing home insurance covers until disaster strikes. While high-quality roofing systems often come with a lifetime warranty, they may not fully meet your expectations. This is the reason why many homeowners opt for roofing home insurance.

If you’re concerned about insurance coverage for roof replacement, read on.

How Roofing Home Insurance Works

A homeowners insurance policy lists roof insurance under the dwelling coverage. This handles attached and physical structures in a home. For example, if your roof is damaged by snow or hail, your home insurance will likely cover the repair or replacement expenses. 

When Does Roofing Home Insurance Cover Replacement Projects?

Fire Damage

Most home insurance policies list fire damage as part of their insurable events. If your roof is damaged by accidental fire, you can file a claim to cover repair or replacement costs.

Storm Damage

Abrupt weather shifts occur worldwide, leading to increased storm-related damages. Therefore, most insurance policies cover roof repair and replacement costs due to storm damage. 

Vandalism and Falling Objects

Structural damage can be caused by heavy objects falling on the roof. Many insurance policies cover the costs of falling objects, especially during a storm. However, not all impact damages are covered. Consequently, the policy also covers you if a third party intentionally damages your roof. 

When Is My Roof Not Covered?

If your roof has exceeded its expected lifespan, it is prone to constant exposure to nature and material failures. Hence, insurance policies offer limited or no coverage for old roofs. To keep your insurance policy active, consider upgrading your roof before it reaches its lifespan.

Improper roof installation and poor maintenance disqualify you from enjoying your insurance coverage. Therefore, always engage the services of a certified roof for any installation or repair services on your roof. It is also advisable to maintain a regular and quality roof maintenance routine. 

Your roof is one of the important parts of your home and should be handled with a lot of care. For professional roof installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services, contact Turtle Roofing. We have an eye for seeing what might have escaped you!